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No longer in business - Nerdalize

Heating houses with servers: Affordable, green computing power and heat your home for free! Check it out and invest in Nerdalize!

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Nerdalize can reduce computing cost by up to 60% and offer free heating to home owners!

By turning servers into electrical heaters for homes, Nerdalize does not need the building and expensive cooling equipment normal datacenters need. Not using a building and cooling systems adds up to about 60% in savings! The beauty of our idea is that our servers get just as warm as a normal heater, so we can heat the homeowner’s house with them. In return for allowing us to do that we pay for the homeowner’s heating bill. This way computing users get affordable computing power and homeowners get a free heating bill.

The environment wins

Perhaps the environment is the biggest winner here as we are using the energy effectively twice: once for heating and at the same time for computing. After all, no extra electricity is needed to do both things. Additionally, we don’t need to run cooling systems and build large datacenters further decreasing the carbon footprint of computing and making the world a slightly better place. 

What has Nerdalize done so far?

Nerdalize is a company that has taken a completely different approach to how we view heating and computing today. It is run by three enthusiastic entrepreneurs with backgrounds in respectively entrepreneurship, strategy and technology. To date Nerdalize has amongst other things:

  • Produced its first prototype

  • Won the Start-Up Pirates Business Competition

  • Spoke at the Dutch Norwegian Business Network

  • Attracted Advisors

  • Produced a Formal Business plan

  • Landed its first investor

Of course we cannot do it all alone and that is why we find ourselves supported by professionals at Maastricht University, TU Delft, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen as well as experienced entrepreneurs.

What are we going to do with your investment? 

Nerdalize aims to raise € 315,000 in total in the first year. Although we are proud to announce we found our first investor we still need the crowd to raise € 50.000. With this money we want to realize our dream more concretely than we already have. 

We will:

Create a “ready for production” prototype:

We already have prototype 1 but of course a lot can be improved in terms of design, material use and performance. As such, we need more designers and engineers to build a ready to produce heater that is both pleasant for the homeowner to look at and use whilst effective for computing clients to run their video renderings, climate models, transcoding or other computationally intensive tasks on.

Develop the software framework for the heaters/servers

In order for our system to work, the server heaters need to work together. This requires more software to be written so that heaters in different houses form an effective cloudgrid for computing clients to use. 

Develop the sales channels for heaters and computing power

Of course on the commercial side things need to be developed as well. We have identified multiple sales channels for our heaters such as utilities, ESCO companies and retailers. However alliances still have to be built. Of course the same goes for the computing side in terms of creating an easy to use interface, communicating our benefits and getting the right companies on board.

You want to take part in Nerdalize and make computing cheaper and greener? Invest in Nerdalize now! 


Eric Feliksik
Master of all things cloudy

Eric is an experienced developer that loves to take on complex and challenging projects to make them a success. His previous experience includes a stint as lead developer in a successful smart home / energy efficiency start-up as well as performance tester for NedTrain and Nederlandse Spoorwegen.
At Nerdalize he leads the team to develop the cloud infrastructure and interface.

Remy van Rooijen
Master of all things hardware

Remy has joined Nerdalize to head hardware development. His experience in developing products in the smart home / energy efficiency sphere from idea to market is a great asset. He has in-depth understanding of connected heating and home automation devices. One of the products he developed is a successful smart thermostat that has recently been introduced to the market.

Boaz Leupe
Co-founder / CEO

Boaz is one of the three founders of Nerdalize. His broad experience in business development in smart home and energy products as well as his experience with entrepreneurship help him to spread the word about Nerdalize and set the strategic and practical steps to make Nerdalize a success!

Mathijs de Meijer
Co-founder / CTO

Mathijs studied computer science at TU Delft and has gained extensive experience in product development for smart home environments and distributed systems. From the first moment Mathijs has worked on making Nerdalize a success and building a team of capable people to develop the Nerdalize hardware and software.

Florian Schneider
Co-founder / COO

Florian has a masters degree in Strategy and Innovation and gathered experience in stakeholder management, process management, service design and logistics in the hospitality industry and at the London Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games for London 2012.

The product

Nerdalize has two main products: The CloudHeater and the Nerdalize Kompute Platform

The CloudHeater

The CloudHeater is a radiator that contains powerful computer servers