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How to profit from the enormous growth in online shopping!

How to make an impact with your investment?

$98.975 INVESTED
Minimum target amount

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The StoreCorporation

Our Company, led by a successful internet entrepreneur, invests in webshops with the potential of exponential growth. This potential is expressed by each having a unique and proven concept and/or track record that benefits completely from the internet (e-commerce) growth. Get on board and grow with us!

Shared value grows the future!

In the year 2013 alone, the growth rate of privately owned online stores increased by a whopping 31%. The general consensus is that a year from now, online stores will outnumber brick and mortar shops. In the year 2020 consumer spending will have shifted so much, that the yearly increase will be around 52%. Even the most conservative researchers predict that the growth in online spending will be enormous!

Jaap Krijgsman
Founder StoreCorporation

Internet entrepreneur since 2000 with an financial and technical background. Developed several successful internet concepts in private company or with business partners. Creative concept development, with good knowledge of technical feasibility, usability and consumer thinking. A solid SEO and internet marketing knowledge helps on the way to success.

So how will you profit from this?

Crowdfunding a single webshop is risky and the potential return on your investment can take a long time, if at all. Financial institutions are hesitant to invest in stores that limit themselves to an online presence. In order to maximize their growth potential, the webshop needs working capital, a solid knowledge base and a continuous support system.
Thát is where the StoreCorporation comes in:

At StoreCorporation we are entrepreneurs with experience and a proven track record in e-commerce. That track record consists of successful stores such as, '', '', '' and ''. Together they get over 2 million unique visitors each year and that number is ever increasing. We are real people that prefer to do business face-to-face. In essence, we carefully select existing and successful webshops with a significant growth potential. We do so based on extensive interviews with the owners and a thorough internal assessment.
We then offer the selected few the ability to grow in a shared domain. In effect, we provide working capital by investing in the webshops and pool our knowledge, logistics and network. As such we can combine forces when negotiating with outsiders and by doing so increase the result on the bottomline. Thereby increasing our return on investment and improving the rate of return at the same time.

Joint efforts will save money

This ensures that you as a shareholder are investing in businesses that sell unique products and have the right kind of people at the wheel. We will help our webshops by providing a reliable infrastructure ready for sizing up and we will share our growing knowledge. Every webshop who joins us will benefit from economies of scale.
For instance: when we combine the 20.000 deliveries from 10 webshops and select one supplier, we can save up to € 60.000,- and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

How do we accomplish all of this?

We will make online stores grow from 30% up to 60% in two years time. How? Some examples: Webshops need to be “responsive”. This means that they are fully useable and readable on every device: mobile, tablet or otherwise! That alone will give our stores an instant increase of over 32% (source:
By making them suitable for international markets we will enable an additional growth from 60% up to 200%.

The risks are spread and the profits are not only coming from people spending more money online, but also because these shops will grow and increase their (and our) profits by saving on various components with help from The StoreCorporation.

What’s in it for you?

Our expectations are that the turnover from the webshops will grow up to 300% in 4 years time. We therefore ask you to stay on as a shareholder for at least 4 years. We expect an average return of 11,8% per year. This means that within 5 years you will have doubled your investment. In an even more positive scenario your returns can be up to 19,5% a year. Even if things will not go as planned, your returns will still be significantly more than 4% a year!

Get on board now and join our growth!

1. Current funding StoreCorporation

The initial costs are funded entirely by shareholder.
The company has no bank loan.

2. Company valuation

Based on the current value analysis and financial forecast, the company is valued at
€ 850.000,--

3. EBITA forecast 2015 onwards (figures rounded off):

2015: € 86.000

2016: € 264.000

2017: € 424.000

For more detailed information we would like to refer to the attached financial documents.

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